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Business Idea

Brainstorming Session with the students to decide about our  Business Idea             


We are taking part in this School Enterprise Challenge for the first time. We carryout a resource assessment based on what is available in our school ground. We then conducted market survey to find out what product we can produce on the basis of the needs and demands of the customers. As a team, we brainstormed 5 different business ideas; namely
1. Manufacturing of fresh palm fruits
2. Production and selling of hand make greeting card
3. Making cakes, beads and Jewelry
4.Glowing and selling of vegetables such as corn, maize
5. Gift wraping and planning event services

To decide which business idea was the best for us to go,
BRAINSTORMING: we first brainstorming on the needs and demands of our customers, has the business ideas solve this following problems, Job creation, health benefits and affordable, how many people are interested in buying it?

Voting/counting  Session with the students to decide about our  Business Idea    

VOTING/COUNTING: After brainstorming, we split up into small groups and queue to form a straight lines, our lead teacher then count us. (Manufacturing of fresh palm fruits got 8 votes, Production and selling of hand make greeting card got 5 votes, Making cakes, beads and Jewelry got 4 votes, Glowing and selling of vegetables such as corn, maize got 3 votes, Gift wraping and planning event services got 4 votes. Business idea with most votes was MANUFACTURING OF FLESH PALM FRUITS. 

1. It has the capacity to create jobs for youths in our community
2. It has health benefits in terms of vitamin A
3.  Most families in the community have a demand for this product, and there are relatively few competitors, the profit should be realized relatively quickly. 


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